Top WordPress Theme & Plugin Detector 2021

If you’ve looked at the websites that provide dynamic functionality, sleek website design, and a plethora of features, you’ll notice that they’re all quite similar. You may be puzzled as to how this is possible. Which WordPress themes and plugins are used on these websites and how to identify this? Also, if you’re unsatisfied with […]

How to Fix WordPress Theme & Plugin Errors?

WordPress is an amazing CMS and website-building platform, supporting around 37% of websites globally. On the other hand, vulnerability and conflicts are evident. Even though WordPress offers several plugins and themes, users still face challenges with the sites. Regardless of how useful these themes or plugins are, they are often full of bugs, glitches, and […]

A Complete Walkthrough for WordPress Theme Customization

Thinking that no one is aware of WordPress’s popularity is not acceptable. This time, WordPress is everywhere!! Almost every businessperson in this world prefers leveraging WordPress for their business websites. Why not? It has a plethora of options that make creating and managing the website a seamless process. This content management system is user friendly […]

The #wpdrama Surrounding WordPress and Gutenberg Editor

There are enough Twitter battles which described a hashtag that was coined back in 2015. #wpdrama. Yes, the drama concerning WordPress either by haters or lovers. The most recent one clouded the most ambitious project of WordPress, “Gutenberg”. Yeah, the cutting edge editor introduced by WordPress, named after the Legendary German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher […]