WordPress Website Cost – How to Calculate?

When building a website, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost. WordPress began as a simple blogging platform but became widely popular because of its affordability. Many business websites these days are driven by WordPress platforms. This makes sense to use WordPress for website designing. It provides a plethora of tools […]

Speakable Schema Markup: Make Your WordPress Website Speak

The future demands voice searches.   Considering this, Google has launched a new schema that will present the website’s information in audio form.  Speakable Schema Markup- a name that takes digital technology to a different leap.  Astonishingly, Google’s speakable schema is useful when the users ask about particular news and topics. And the revert would […]

A Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Conversion Tracking

Increased website views and visitors are beneficial. But what comes critical is the leads and conversions.  Conversions include everything from email subscriptions to sign-ups and sales of goods and services. But how would you know if any of these efforts are effective or not, and which areas require development, if you don’t keep track of everything? […]

How to Protect Content from Theft in WordPress?

In the process of optimizing and promoting a WordPress website, webmasters face a wide variety of problems. From small, frivolous, to critical ones, sometimes leading to the termination of the website’s functioning. One of the fairly common and serious problems for many websites is content theft. However, you can take the assistance from a custom […]