Best Anti-Spam Plugins To Protect Your WordPress Site

WordPress Anti-Spam Pluigns

Preventing WordPress Spam is a continuous task! It can be carried out either using the anti-spam plugins or by adjusting discussion settings in WordPress.  Here, in this article, we will check out the plugins that protect WordPress from spamming.  However, at first, the features of an anti-spam plugin should be unveiled.  Let's find out!

Essential features every WordPress Antispam Plugin should have

Many factors are there that you should look after while choosing an anti spam WordPress plugin.  Know them below!

  • Zero or Low Client-Side Actions

The client-side actions must be less; that to say, zero. The plugin must not request the host to type in the incomprehensive captcha image or check or uncheck in the checkbox. Significantly, filling captcha for comments hinders the visitor's experience;  hence must be neglected. 

  • Less WordPress Database Impact

It should be the responsibility of the reliable anti-spam WordPress plugin to not permit spam comments to join the database. Consequently, there will be a reduction of SQL transactions, which implies enhanced performance, less server load, also in peak hours. However, the risk here is that if the anti-spam algorithm goes incorrect, the real comments may be lost permanently.

  • Stop New User Registration Spam

The page of WordPress registration enables the users to register for the site. The process is simple and the bots can automate it simply.

Now, the question here is why it is required to get stopped? When registered, the users comment when pleased,  without filtering.  It is the normal discussion setting in WordPress new installation. Thus, either you can use the plugin or amend the default settings for blocking the new registration spam.

  • Trackback Validation

This feature has a filter to compare the IP address of the client regarding the incoming Trackback with the server IP address. When there is no matching, then, it is definitely spam.

  • Statistics

Statistics aims to analyze and track the data. It gives monthly or weekly statistics of witnessed spam.

  • Price

Some of the plugins are free and some are paid. Choosing them depends on the budget or the business or website requirements. All you need is to maintain it properly to get desired results.

Anti-spam Plugins for WordPress site protection

#1. Spam Protection, FireWall, and AntiSpam by CleanTalk

Considerably, these plugins have almost 2,000 five star ratings. These are the highly-rated anti-spam plugins in the WordPress repository.

With the spam firewall, the Clean Talk's plugin works privately for WordPress protection from spammers. It restricts the spam entries from everywhere, such as contacts, logins, comments and WooCommerce forms.

The plugin does not entertain CAPTCHA. Hence, the visitors do not have to go through any math, puzzles or questions, etc. 

#2. Akismet

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin
Source: Akismet Spam Plugin

Akismet has almost 5 million active installations. Of course, this figure makes it a likable anti-spam plugin. It is the right solution for spam protection, particularly, comment spam.

The plugin is already installed on the WordPress website.  You just need to activate it and give a connection to the Akismet account with an API key. The overall process is an easy task. When it gets connected, the Akismet starts working and uses the rules and algorithms to stop spamming. 

The plugin uploads the comments to the Akismet account. The comments later experience a number of anti-spam algorithms. The best part- only the valid comments get published, however, the others remain in the spam queue. You can check the history of each comment and find out which comments are spam sent by the moderator, or are automatically placed in the spam folder.

#3. Titan Anti-Spam & Security

Source: WordPress Titan Anti-Spam Plugin

Because of the global spam database and algorithm, this anti-spam plugin helps you hide the spam from the WordPress website. The Titan Anti-spam & Security is termed as a Spam blocker. It is an all-in-one plugin that helps scan the plugins, themes, system files,  SEO spam, backdoors and invalid URLs, etc. 

Approximately 100,000 WordPress sites have installed the free version of this plugin. If you will move to its prime version, then, with the help of advanced features, site protection is assured from malicious actors and spambots. 

#4. Hide My WP

Hide My WP - Anti-Spam Plugin
Source: Hide My WP By CodeCanyon

With more than 27k satisfied buyers, Hide My WP has a high selling rate as a WordPress security plugin.  But do not get misled by this name-the plugin provides you with comprehensive spam protection.

Hide My WP has a set of advanced tools that will convert your WordPress site invincible and invisible to theme detectors, hackers, and spammers.

It hides the overall website from trashy users. Also, shields what the user requires, like wp-login and wp-admin URL renaming for confusing those who are affecting the site. To ensure your safety, Hide My WP detects and nips SQL Injection attacks. 

The plugin has outstanding user ratings. It shows its compatibility with bbPress, BuddyPress, etc. Hide My WP is an exceptional anti-spam and security plugin for the WordPress site.

#5. WP Bruiser

WPBruiser, formerly termed Goodbye Captcha, is an excellent WordPress anti-spam plugin.  The plug-in uses anti-spam standards on the registration page. Also, the login and password reset pages to prevent spam before starting. 

The free function is very powerful, and because of the clean management interface, you can easily modify the settings. WPBruiser is a competent anti-spam plugin that assists in protecting the login forms, lost password forms, contact forms, comments and registration forms. It has the security features that enable blocking IP addresses and restrict bots from enumerating users with author=N’ scans.

When you detect a brute force attack, the plugin will send you a message. In addition, you can also receive a comprehensive spam report to date with the latest situation.

In addition, WPBruiser provides you with multiple extensions, like, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

#6. WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Anti-Spam Plguin
Source: WordPress

WordPress Zero Spam offers a stress-free way to eliminate website spam. You just need to install the plugin and activate it! The plugin takes charge and starts using client and server-side JavaScript key verification to block 99.9% of spam on your website to prevent bots from sending spam. 

Using AI with secure spam detection technology and known malicious IP databases from all over the world, WordPress Zero Spam can witness and prevent spam bots from submitting forms on the website.  The plugin halts spambots for submission completion with JavaScript. 

Also, it does not need reliable website visitors to respond to queries or fill the CAPTCHA to confirm they are not spammers.  By using WordPress Zero Spam, the IP address can be blocked either permanently or temporarily. Additionally, the entire city, region, or country can also be blocked.

#7. Captcha Plus

It is one of the best premium anti-spam plugins that is designed solely for protecting WordPress forms from spammers. Moreover, you can use it for custom forms, contact forms,  comments, password reset forms, registration forms, login forms, on the website. 

The plugin can be configured to fill particular CAPTCHA like, slider button, character recognition, simple arithmetic questions, invisible reCAPTCHA, etc. Likewise, making an "allow list" for hiding the reCAPTCHA field of authorized IP addresses is also probable. 

Additional information: Use WordPress Discussion Settings from Spam Protection

You can control the comments with WordPress settings from- Settings->Discussion.

Remember the method is not manual for combating or preventing spam. Generally, it is helpful when there are comments on a daily basis. Considerably, when the count of comments is more than 1000, then, it is advised to choose the anti-spam plugins only.

Concluding Remarks

Preventing or eliminating or removing the spam from the website saves the business credibility, and makes the visitors secure on the site. By integrating any of the mentioned anti-spam plugins, or combination or multiple of them, the website can be secure from the spambots effortlessly.  

Taking assistance from  WordPress Plugin Developer is also a win-win. They know every small or advanced level of plugin functionalities and tell you which one would be advantageous to integrate.

So, which plugin do you think is right for your WordPress website? Have you used any of the ones before? Share your experience with us. Thanks for reading!